This is it. We made it through Year Zero.

I started CapsuleCrit because I wanted a space for writing and art about games that was small, compact, and full of wonder. Unconstrained by newness, metrics, advertising, or paywalls. I wanted a place where people could write the small ideas they held close to their hearts in warm hands.

I wanted density and wonder.

Hatched, like a ritual, from plastic “eggs.” Whether it was a ring, a fake mustache, a sticky gelatinous hand, a little plastic critter to cap a pencil—it didn't matter. There was magic in every little capsule, the potential and surprise.

Small treasures.

I called this Year Zero, because this was a trial run, an experiment. I didn’t know if this was a space that anyone but myself wanted. And yet, “Six” issues later, here we are. Already planning the first issue of Year One.

To my delight, I wasn't wrong. And the writers who have contributed to this first issue have gone above and beyond my expectations. As each piece came in, I felt the familiar thrill of awaiting the capsule to slide down the shoot and plunk into my warm hands.

This wouldn’t have worked without the tremendous care and work done by the contributors featured in each issue, or the interest and enthusiasm of our readers. And I’ll admit, that we’ve made it this far, that so many wonderful pieces continue to show up in my inbox, leaves me tremendously humbled.

I started CapsuleCrit largely to address my own feeling of absence. But, it became readily apparent it exists for you. And it wouldn’t exist without you.

Earlier this month, I published a piece in Wireframe about the need to reconsider our definition of criticism. We’re doing that. All the time. We’re redefining the spaces where criticism can happen, as well as what it looks, reads, and sounds like. And I’m eternally grateful to everyone who’s not only allowed us to be a part of that, to continue publishing focused, micro criticism, but experimental poetry, visual art, deeply personal essays, and flash fiction. I feel blessed to bring you these issues every month, to highlight the work of these talented writers and artists, and bring us into dialogue with other wonderful journals, like ZEAL and Deorbital.

I hope you find things to treasure in this issue, as well as the previous ones.

And I hope you’ll continue to join us on this ride in 2019.

Thank you. ◒