Three Points in a Triangle
by Emily Morrow

Angela sat in the bathroom stall, sighing. It seemed like she just couldn’t get away from her.

The break-up had been brutal, but she had to do it. As passionate as Moira was, Angela just couldn’t put up with her constant machinations. So she’d ended it. But now Moira wouldn’t leave her alone.

Angela gathered her thoughts, stood up, and opened the stall door.

“Have you seen Ana’s daughter?” Moira smirked in front of the sinks. “Another Amari is definitely what we need.”

Angela had seen Ana’s daughter, all right. She had muscular arms that made Angela’s heart do a strange little flip. Despite Moira’s words, Fareeha had always been kind to Angela. Maybe more than kind.

Angela walked out of the bathroom in silence. Moira’s smirk…it was…something she needed to forget. Not that she wanted to. But she needed to.

Angela nearly ran into Fareeha, who was strolling around a corner. “Angela! I was looking for you!” Fareeha smiled.

“I’m sorry—” Angela stammered.

“It’s okay! Hey, did you still want help with that project?”

“Project?” Fareeha has such a pretty neck… “Oh! Yes. C-come to the lab with me and we can test the suits.”

They walked towards the lab together, Fareeha chatting jovially. Angela kept an eye out for Moira, but the scientist was nowhere to be seen.

* * *

“So how is this supposed to fit?” Fareeha asked.

“Just—hold still, okay?” Angela grunted. Her fingers gently grazed Fareeha’s wrist. Fareeha recoiled.

“Did I hurt you?” cried Angela.

“No! I’m fine…really.” Fareeha’s face flushed. She looked down at her wrist where Angela had touched her.

“The suit looks good on you,” Angela whispered. She leaned towards Fareeha…her eyelids fluttered shut—

“Angela—dearest—where are you?” simmered a voice at the doorway. Angela’s eyes snapped open. She shoved Fareeha away.

“Oh dear, have I interrupted something?” Moira’s voice dripped with fake concern. Eyeing Fareeha, she sniffed, “I can’t imagine that your mother would be too happy to hear about this.”

She turned to Angela, putting that familiar smirk on her face. “And Angela, I could have sworn—”

“Don’t,” said Fareeha. “Don’t you say a word about her.” Fareeha stepped protectively in front of Angela, glaring at Moira.

“You don’t want me as your enemy, Amari,” Moira spat. “Don’t stick your nose where it doesn’t belong.”

Fareeha held firm. “My mother never liked you, and I’m starting to see why.”

Moira looked like she wanted to argue, but she walked by. As she passed Angela, she squeezed the doctor’s shoulder, her nails digging in like a hawk’s talons.

As soon as she was gone, Fareeha turned to Angela. “Are you all right? I can’t believe she would say that to you.”

“Yeah, I’m fine,” said Angela, turning a little pink in the cheeks. “Thanks for sticking up for me.”

Fareeha winked at her. “Don’t worry. I’ll keep an eye on her for you.”

Angela’s cheeks turned even more pink. Maybe things wouldn’t be as bad as she thought. ◒


Emily Morrow hasn't put a controller down since she got a Gamecube at age 8. When she's not playing games, talking about games, or dreaming about games, she writes about them. She lives in Atlanta, Georgia.